Expungement of Your Criminal Records

In certain cases, if you have been previously arrested or convicted of a crime, you can have your records sealed from the public, or, with the exception of law enforcement agencies, expunged entirely. This allows you to legally get a job, pursue a better career, further your education, obtain housing, and have your civil rights restored.

Without the lingering stigma and other problems commonly associated with having a criminal record, expungement helps people move up in the world and on with their lives. In fact, over the last five years more than 10,000 people in Marion County alone have improved the quality of their day-to-day lives by successfully expunging their criminal records.

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Restrict Public Access to Your Conviction Record

If you’re convicted of a misdemeanor or certain felonies, you can petition the court to restrict access to your records concerning the arrest and conviction.

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Afraid that you do not meet the time requirements?

Under certain circumstances, the court will grant your petition for expungement earlier than the statutory period. We are happy to assist you in taking the steps to find if you are eligible to file early.

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