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At the Law Office of Gary M. Selig, P.C., we are proud to call Indiana our home. We are committed to providing value to our clients as their advocates and we are committed to keep them aware of what is going on in their case.

While we cannot promise or make any guarantee as to how your case may turn out, we can assure our clients, that we will represent their case with knowledge, dedication, and passion.

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I am not normally one to take the time to review a business whether I was happy with the services or not, but for this instance I decided it was important to do so. I received 6 citations in Hamilton County as a result of one traffic stop. Although a few were unreasonable, some were justified. I realized I would need an attorney to help get some of the unreasonable ones removed. Never would I have imagined to ultimately obtain the outcome I did. I contacted this office and spoke with Kristal, she was immediately more helpful and attentive than any other office I contacted and the fee they quoted was very competitive. Krissie and Gary both went to great lengths to help me achieve the best outcome which was ultimately the dismissal of all the infractions, like I had never been pulled over! Krissie was extremely helpful, responsive, and sweet throughout the entire process. Hopefully I never require the services again, but if I do, I know I can skip the process of calling around to multiple offices because I would not hesitate to use them again.

Travis Stout

My partner and I had a fairly serious dispute with our landlord who claimed that we were responsible for damages that were, quite frankly, completely environmental. For a while, we looked for legal help but with not much success, until we were directed to Krissie White. She was absolutely spectacular in not only helping us resolve the dispute but also in giving my partner and I a legitimate peace of mind throughout the whole process. I would 100% recommend this practice, and specifically Krissie, to any person looking for honest, wholesome, and straightforward legal aid. She’s the best.

Chris Johnson

All too often Attorney’s get a bad reputation for being what some people refer to as crooks, or dishonest beings. I’ve known a handful of people who try to represent themselves, because of the hassles and fees an attorney may charge. I try to be very careful about people I do business with due to some past unfavorable experiences. With that stated, I had the pleasure of hiring Selig Gary M PC to handle my legal affairs. Yes, you read correctly. It was a pleasure to hire and work with this firm as they handled my legal affairs. I’d like to take an opportunity to recognize Krissie White. Krissie was very knowledgeable, professional and most of all, personable as she exemplified exceptional work ethics, strategic planning skills and was able to gain my trust, with her honesty, clarity and charismatic personality. I have no issues or regrets with my decision to hire this firm. I had not experience any issues related to the aforementioned negative perceptions above, with this firm. In fact, what I did experience was quality professional service that they should surely be proud of. I am a completely satisfied client and I would recommend Krissie White and Selig Gary M PC one hundred times over and over again.

Queen Tanya

I was driving through Indiana on my way to New York and I received a traffic violation. I called this firm and got in touch w Krissie White. The firm itself seemed very professional and Krissie was a gem. She went above and beyond and I recommend her and this firm!

Nigel Naman

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