Aggressive Representation for Your DUI Case

We know that the stress of being arrested for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI or DUI), reckless driving, public intoxication, underage drinking or possession by a minor,  can be difficult to manage, but you are far from being alone in your experience.

Whether you were buzzed driving, drunk driving or driving under the influence of a controlled substance, aggressive representation is needed to defend you from the beginning of your case.  Do not delay because these charges can result in serious consequences, including the potential loss of your liberty and loss of your driving privileges.  OWI defenses can include that you weren’t operating a vehicle, or that you were not impaired or intoxicated, or that the arresting officer did not have a legal basis to pull you over to make a traffic stop and arrest you.

The Law Office of Gary M. Selig, P.C. are here to provide you with aggressive and focused legal representation to defend you against your charges, as the potential penalties become more severe depending on your criminal and driving history.

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