Let Us Help You Apply for a Hardship License

When individuals in Indiana are convicted of certain types of traffic violations, they can end up having their driver’s licenses suspended by the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Having your driver’s license suspended can be a major hardship on your life, as it may leave you without a way to get to work or school, or it may make you unable to transport your children or perform important tasks. While it can be tempting to file your own petition as opposed to hiring an attorney to handle the issue, it is more than likely not the best decision for several reasons.  The legal system can be quite difficult to navigate and even more so when a law or legal concept is new.

If you are concerned about your driver’s license being suspended, contact The Law Office of Gary M. Selig, P.C. immediately for a consultation about your legal rights. We can help determine whether a person is eligible to receive a probationary, hardship or specialized driving privileges. Contact us today!

Most people with a pending driver’s license suspension will qualify to apply for specialized driving privileges. However, if you have never been an Indiana resident, your license is suspended for refusing a chemical test, or you have had specialized driving privileges previously and violated the terms at least twice, you will not qualify. Additionally, if you are a CDL holder, you can apply for a hardship license, but you cannot use that hardship to operate a commercial vehicle. You can see more details in the statute found HERE.

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